Medical Freedom Bill of Rights

A good friend of mine almost had his daughter kidnapped from him by a CPS agent who committed purgery by lying on a court document that he had starved her. He was served papers to attend a secret court (no jury allowed in a juvenile court) and then also served papers notifying him he had to pay the attorney fees to the state for his daughter suing himself criminally. The case was dropped and soon afterwards a number of us got together and came up with this. 

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If you'd like to learn more about the event that led to the above legislation's creation please listen to my podcast on the subject. 


To Protect Life:

 I intend to run bills that actually de-fund planned parenthood and save the lives of babies, i would like to change Dan McCay's bill in just the single line that waits for the Supreme Court's approval (that will never come) to make abortions stop in Utah; and thus nullify Row Vs. Wade. 


To protect the last line of freedom:

I intend to establish constitutional carry and nullify the need for SBR licences and the like; thus restoring the 2nd Amendment.


Land is the source of all wealth:

Unlike Ken Ivory's bait and switch program that doesn't reclaim our land from the federal government, I intend to take the land the Federal government stole from us, thus enforcing Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17 of the Constitution and then using the homesteading acts so that individuals may work the land and make it prosperous again.