Please vote Micah Turner for House District 51!

Who is Micah Turner?

Having been born in Decatur Illinois my family moved to Utah when I was 6 years old.  I joined the Marine Corps as an Infantry Man in 2006 and was honorable discharged from active reserve (Fort Douglas fox Co. 2/23) in 2011. I've gained a few pounds since then but I haven't lost the tenacity the Marine Corps instilled in me. While in the Marine Corps. Reserves I started my own business, Turner's Auto Repair, from a healthy savings of $200 and just about no tools. For 11 years in the field I've gained my own brick and mortar shop and a lot of education and success in my field. I also am invested in side businesses and efforts constantly. I have a wife and small baby, about the cutest ever seen, and am part of a liberty club named Defending Utah. I regularly do a podcast with the organization's co-founder Ben McClintock. After reading much Utah legislation and performing all manner of investigations and sleuthing in the pursuit of freedom I determined it's time I get my boots in the capital. I have grown weary of watching our state burn the freedoms God granted us and charged us with preserving. I intend to enforce the liberties of man onto government. This government has grown out of control and it's time to shove it back into it's constitutional straight jacket. Government may exist only to support Life, Liberty and Property; any more or less than this is evil. Government is a thing, it does not have rights, it has merely been delegated authority by the individual in order to protect the individual's rights, it may not conjure new authorities the individual does not have. When the government conjures extra authorities it is no longer  a republic and becomes some other form of government who's authorities are not derived from the consent of the governed. Please help me to restore the republic of this state and ensure the prosperity that freedom brings.


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