What's Turner all about?

Our legislature keeps passing a record number of laws every session. They keep doing the wrong thing; the people want more freedom, not more laws and more control.  I'm sick of seeing the natural rights of the individual trampled by our legislature. 

My Ideas


We must reverse the situation.

The legislature just put their foot in their mouth and rolled back their last radical tax hike; but the problems remains, government needs to almost disappear. It is too large and too burdening and about 90% of it needs to not exist. I would have no problem eliminating taxes with a chainsaw if need be. The arsonists in office right now by and large seem to have no problem with the size of government. It's long overdue we remove the arsonists. 


No More Regional Governments

Regional Governments and private entities like the Utah League of Cities and Towns, Wasatch Regional Council, Salt Lake Unified Police and Envision Utah do not recognize you as sovereign and continue to control your city through backdoor "planning" processes and direct intervention. These entities and others like them need to be both defunded by the state and made illegal. 


Freedom is the Law

The State has acknowledged that nullification both works and does not create a civil war through a variety of legislation, most notably the nullification of federal Marijuana laws and , until recently, nullifying the real ID act of 2005. Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution enumerates the only powers the federal Government has. When the Federal Government breaks that contract it is incumbent on the state to enforce it.  We don't need permission from the federal government to be free.